Pungra is, exercise to bhangra... rethought

There are dozens of teams running exercise classes with bhangra music, but they are not placing the true benefits of high intensity exercise at the heart of their teaching method. We are.

The role of high intensity and opportunity cost

We believe the key to improving your wellness is to push your body to its limits.

Our method creates great instructors

We use an easy to follow instruction method, suitable for beginners to get started and experienced movers to use up all your energy.

Inclusive and popular

By having rethought exercise to bhangra, anyone looking for a great form of exercise can enjoy and benefit from our class.

How to do Pungra

Your living room

Push back the sofa, load up YouTube on your smart TV and search for Pungra.

Pungra on YouTube
Get ready to instruct

We are working on a robust instructor training path.

Ask a question
Our classes

We have no capacity at Southall for the foreseeable future. Ilford has a few spaces.

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