If there is a lockdown, how will it affect the class and our payment?

My Dormer’s Wells Leisure Centre classes are due to kick off on Sunday 9th January 2022. The first “proper” since the lockdowns started in March 2020.

With this latest variant of coronavirus circulating, there are rumours about a lockdown straight after Christmas. How long that lockdown could last? It’s anyone’s guess, but this time last year the rumours were about a 2-week circuit breaker, and remember how that turned out? Thankfully the early indications are that omicron is not as devasting as the variants of 12 months ago and delta, so I am hopeful that we’ll be able to carry on with classes in January, like it was still January 2020 – do you feel a Prince song coming on? You’re humming it now, aren’t you?

If there is a lockdown, how does it affect your membership fee? It’s a simple answer, the venue won’t charge me for the room, so for all the classes that are cancelled, I’ll refund you.

I’d prefer you to book to secure your place, and then be refunded should that eventuality happen – rather than for you to try to book in the last few days, and risk not being able to secure a space.

Let’s cross our fingers that all goes well for this December and early 2022 for us, our families and friends.

The best gift for you, or for your loved ones? FitBit Inspire 2 is now £59.99

Fitbit Inspire 2 - Fitbit Inspire 2

FitBit Inspire 2

I’m a huge advocate of using fitness trackers, I believe everyone should use them. As I often hear in the organisations I work, “if it’s not measured, it’s not done”. Using a fitness tracker ensures we are mindful of our level of physical activity.

What I especially like about FitBits is that they are reliable, relatively cheap and people who use them can be part of a leaderboard.

If you buy a FitBit, or already have one, let’s be “friends” on there and hold each other accountable.

Check out my FitBit profile, which includes achievements and how I compare with my friends. I’ve blurred some personal details.

I don’t receive any commission if you purchase the device.

I use a FitBit Charge 4, which costs a little more than the Inspire 2. Both are great because they monitor VO2 Max, and steps. Ignore the calorie counters, those are pointless.