“Before” photos for Dormer’s Wells group. Can we reduce the group’s weight together?

Today was my first public class since the lockdowns started in March 2020. 23 people have signed up to live and breathe being part of an active lifestyle. Of the 23, the majority have the personal goal to reduce their body weight by the end of the three-month block. Collectively the group weighs 1,140 kilograms.

The power of the supportive group will inspire and encourage each person to contribute to bringing that number (1,140 KGs) down. People interested in becoming group exercise instructors will recognise the power of group exercise to help many people achieve their weight and health goals.

Another photo with weight measurements will be taken on 27th March 2022, we’ll compare the difference and celebrate the change. Don’t worry group, we’ll not take semi-naked photos to see the difference, weight is perfectly good.

What if the weight is the same?

I feel that’s good too because it means that whilst society’s weight is increasing, our group is not. Yet, I don’t think that’s realistic, I have 100% confidence in the group, that we’ll reduce the collective weight. I can’t wait to see by how much.

What if the weight is more?

Of course, that’s possible too, but what impact will it have? The point I making is that regardless of the result, the fact of measuring is the first step towards successful weight management. If we don’t measure, how will we know where we’re going? It’s possible that on the 27th of March the weight is the same or more. To think of this as a failure is the wrong attitude. Instead, we need to work together to learn how to move the needle in the right direction. I know from talking to the group, they’re very committed. We need to stay on top of the goal and ensure we’re in action mode.

Attending class, improving eating, and sleeping well, are all central to achieving the weight reduction target.

Want to follow their journey?

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By Ravi Sandhu

Author of "The Day Bhangra Died" and founder of #Pungra.


  1. A fantastic initiative. I have done something similar with a club some years back and a group target in which everyone can take part and play their part is so much more impactful. Roll on March…..you guys will smash it as a team.

    1. Hi Narinder, I hope you will be able to get involved soon. We don’t have the capacity in the Dormer’s Wells class for January through to the end of March. But I hope we’ll have the capacity for April or the near future. I am also doing everything I can to help more classes open up. So please keep following this site for details, for when details come available.

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