Prepare to have everything you thought you knew about “bhangra” and fitness, challenged.

What is The Day Bhangra Died? And how can I read/listen to it?

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Bhangra is a music or dance genre, isn’t it? Let’s bust this myth

I contend in my book that bhangra is not a thing, and definitely not a genre. But how can I be correct, and millions of people be wrong? Surely the millions are correct, after all truth is based on what most people think, right? I disagree. Please take a few moment to check through some examples of reputable people that shoot down the myths almost all humanity believe to be true.

No such “thing” as pop

What does Mariah Carey say about Pop being a genre?

Watch Mariah Carey “Pop is not a genre”

No such thing as black, or white, people

Jane Elliott is an anti-racism educator. Watch her video. Do you agree with her tough and blunt stance?

Watch Jane Elliott No Such Thing As White & Black People

Learning styles

Hundreds of thousands of people in child and adult education use a concept called Learning Styles to determine how they teach. But are learning styles a myth?

Watch: The Biggest Myth in Education

There are hundreds of other myths, but I hope those are enough to convince you of the possibility that millions of people could also believe that bhangra being a thing, and a genre, is also a myth.

Bhangra is inherently about fitness, isn’t it? Let’s bust this myth

In the book I make the argument that it’s easy to think almost all physical activity is about fitness. Calling anything, that involves physical activity, a fitness class is complacent. In this video, the lady’s agenda is to get people to do work for her, for free. Remember, just because people are performing, doesn’t mean their intent is about your fitness.

Watch this video by Nazeem Hussain called Don’t waste $$ on gyms!

Bhangra is from the Indian state of Punjab, isn’t it? Let’s bust this myth

Here is a collection of evidence that Punjabi music has been so strongly influenced from Persia, that it is Iran that is likely the origin of today’s Punjabi music (not the region of Punjab).


This video is useful to compare and contrast with the other videos on this page. This is what many of us in the Punjabi diaspora, Indian culture and others around the world. recognise as being “traditional bhangra”.

Watch: The Punjab Dancers The Boliyan

Welcome to Afghanistan

This video provides an uncanny resemblance to the Punjabi context video, but there is remarkable similarities.

Watch: Aria Band Special Attan Show 2019 – Tanweer Videos

Welcome to Iran

Listen to the wear the traditional instruments are played. This is Persian, not Indian, in origin.

Watch: a tradition to welcome New Year in Iran

Welcome to Lebanon

Although this video is shot in Australia, the ethnicity of the people at the event is Lebanese. The way the bride and groom are serenaded by drummers is incredibly similar to how Punjabi weddings are serenaded.

Watch: Awesome Lebanese Wedding