Help me build our exercise group on Twitter

Friends, my new class starts this week. I am looking forward to us collectively motivating and encouraging each other to exercise, eat better and overall optimise our health.

The power of being part of a group is key to this activity, in fact it’s the first word for the name of the activity “Group Exercise To Punjabi Music”. It’s old-fashioned to think that activities related to the group need only to happen during the class. These days we have so many great technologies to help us digitally. It’s for this reason that I advise you to join in with the group chat on Twitter. Help me put the group into group exercise. Here’s an example of what our Twitter conversation will look like in the coming weeks.

Why Twitter?

I know many people prefer to use WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram or even email; I cannot use these for legal, reputational and cost reasons.

What else do I need to know about Twitter?

I, and future instructors, will be using Twitter to share coaching points such as eating tips, and articles related to the power of staying active. This is also where we’ll be primarily sharing photos and videos from class.

Can I use Twitter for non Pungra posts?

Yes, and I encourage you to, I love Twitter and I hope you will too. When it comes to Pungra related tweets, use #pungra. Use it share your learnings related to health and have conversations related to your journey. This will motivate others, but more important, it will motivate you to keep going. Otherwise, share your personality, what interests you and anything else on Twitter to help others get to know you.

But I don’t want the world to see my tweets

Choose to only allow your tweets to be seen by people you follow, and then only follow people you’re happy to see your tweets.

Can’t I just talk to people after, or before, class?

From my perspective, I want to finish class and get home to do other activities with my family. The trouble with talking after class is that 5 minutes becomes half and hour, which becomes an hour, which can become 2 hours. It’s far more effective and efficient for me to use Twitter, so please help me with this.

Do I ‘have” to join in with the group on Twitter?

My view is that it’s in your, and the class’s, interests. It also is in the interests of guests, who are interested to come and use a spare space occasionally. It also is in my interests, as it make bitesized communication easier.

I don’t know how to use Twitter

If you would like to discuss how to use Twitter, speak to me for an introduction.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

By Ravi Sandhu

Author of "The Day Bhangra Died" and founder of #Pungra.

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