❔ Is Pungra, Bhangra?

No. Bhangra is a complicated and therefore misunderstood word. We are not in the “bhangra industry”, in fact we believe the term bhangra is problematic to use for a number of reasons, and this is why we don't use it generally - other than to explain to you that we're not bhangra, or bhangra fitness, or bhangra exercise.

Confused? All will be explained in my upcoming book. The best way to describe Pungra is as 'Good group exercise to Punjabi music'. Subscribe to be kept up to date.

The name of our organisation is Pungra, is inspired by the authentic pronunciation of the word bhangra (which wouldn’t make for a good name for an organisation, right?) So instead of thinking “is Pungra, bhangra?” it’s better to recognise that there are many organisations whose names are inspired by other more familiar terms.

👁️‍🗨️ How do we see our future?

We will create the best exercise to Punjabi music videos and publish them to YouTube to encourage people to exercise at home, for free, around the world.

We will support people to become Pungra, Activators, Instructors and Leaders.

These are all coaches that enable others to exercise at home, in fitness centres and other suitable locations.

We will do this whilst maintaining the standards expected for good group exercise to Punjabi music according to EMD UK, CIMPSA, UK Active Active Partnerships.

🏫 …loads of people are doing this, right?

Nope, and we recognise that most people see Pungra and think “I’ve seen this before”. But you haven’t.

Pungra is fundamentally different, and therefore unique, to others who promote themselves as ‘bhangra fit’. In a nutshell they are teaching dance classes that ‘might be a bit exercisey’. We have turned this concept on its head, if that isn’t a revolution, then what is? We are exercise, that’s a bit ‘dancey’.

🖐️ The power of five

Pungra is inspired by the movement style of Punjab, the region of five rivers (punj = five, ab = rivers). For this reason we encourage you to aim to exercise to five Punjabi songs, five times a week. Use a fitness tracker to monitor your activity and keep you going. Search Pungra on YouTube.