January to March class is full, why you should sign up for updates and demand more classes

My class for January, February, and March 2022 is full to capacity. Thank you everyone who has signed up for making it happen. It starts next week on the 9th of January, I hope you’re as excited as I am.

If you are interested in the class but didn’t get a place booked, then not all is lost for the future. I am doing everything I can to expand so that there are more classes in 2022.

To make this happen, I need your help. The best thing to do is make sure you’re receiving updates from this website. Most of them will be about how the class is going, including photos and videos, hands up they’re partly to make you envious. All for good intention, that it builds up your level of interest to want more classes like this to happen.

From April 2022 I will be promoting the Pungra instructor development program, in a bid to increase the number of qualified group exercise to Punjabi music instructors. I’m the only one, that I know of, at the moment.

I’ll be asking you where you would like classes to happen, and what times. It’s really important to drum up interest because instructors complete the certification. Otherwise, the gap between them completing their certification and starting to instruct classes will be very wide, and there is a range of other issues that I need to manage to help people set up new classes.

The absolutely best way for me to solicit information from you is through this website, meaning the updates will be posted directly to your email.

Watch this video for more details

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By Ravi Sandhu

Author of "The Day Bhangra Died" and founder of #Pungra.

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