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Three dimensions of movement

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There’s a misconception that “bhangra” is a thing. Really the term “bhangra” is a catch all term for more than one thing.

There are at least three types of movement that are confused as bhangra.

Instead of using the term bhangra, it’s better to use Punjabi music, more on that in a future lesson. There are three types of movement to Punjabi music. Here are ways to distinguish their differences.

1. Socialising to Punjabi musicPartying with little to no special skill or preparation.Let loose, have a good time, spend time with family/friendsA DJHall, night club or home
2. Performing to Punjabi musicHours of choreography and practice, with elaborate costumesEntertain an audienceA dance troupe, often led by a good dancerStage (fitness studios might be used for rehearsals, but the stage is the main venue)
3. Exercising to Punjabi musicThere’s no show to prepare for.Exercising the heart, brain and muscles.Group exercise instructor, and often a fitness centreFitness studio