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Pungra at home

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Length: 10 minutes|Difficulty: Standard

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A great place to join a Pungra class is in a fitness centre. We are reluctant to use other venues such as school, community or religious halls because they don’t provide the right sort of “fitness vibe”. For this reason, finding a Pungra class near you is generally going to be challenging. Yet, there’s no need to ask your local authority to build one.

The trend for many of us to exercise at home is rising extremely fast. So much so, that many fitness centres are struggling. For most of these trends, it’s necessary to buy a stationary bike, treadmill, weights, mats, or something else. The great news is, for Pungra, you may already have everything you need. You need:

  1. Sufficient space close to your TV.
  2. The TV, which needs to connect to YouTube, so reasonably good internet connection.
  3. A bonus extra is to use a sound bar to enhance the enjoyment for the sound.

That’s all.

Steps to ensuring you’re successful in exercising to Punjabi music, and other exercise videos on YouTube, for free.

  1. Agree weekly slots with your family, or others that live with you. See if you can get them involved, but if not, ensure you agree that you can have 20 minutes of dedicated time, when the floor will be tidy, and it’s ok to play the volume slightly loud.
  2. Wear the same clothes as you would if you were going to the gym, to an in-person class. This gets your in the right frame of mind.
  3. Join in, and that’s it.
Why YouTube? Not Zoom, Instagram or other live classes?

During the pandemic especially, many exercise classes were forced to use technology. And in the early days, many people joined in with live sessions using platforms like Zoom. However, by 2021 the numbers of people participating in the live sessions dropped significantly. Why was this? Simply, it was a fad, and the quality was really poor, especially for exercise classes that require music.

Pungra have been creating high quality videos, and publishing these for free to YouTube since 2013. During the pandemic, as many as 20,000 people were exercising to our videos on a weekly basis. The reasons? Here are a few, from most obvious to least:

  1. The quality of recorded videos can be much higher than live recording. With live streaming, there are factors that make the quality poor, such as people are using their laptop webcam (which isn’t a high quality camera), and they are using the internet (which might not be high speed).
  2. The audio quality is poor. This is in many ways more important than the video quality, but people don’t have it front of mind. When the instructor is teaching using a laptop, and the participants are also using a laptop, the quality of the audio is relatively poor.
  3. Streaming video with copyright protected music, which almost all Punjabi music is, is illegal. It’s very difficult to enforce people not to do this, but the legality element is unsustainable.

Don’t believe me? Take a moment to see my evidence, for yourself

Get your family/friends involved, for extra accountability

Many of us have used video conferencing as a way to keep each other accountable. So Zoom, isn’t all that bad after all. You can use any app that supports video conferencing such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, FaceTime and more. Each person uses their TV to exercise. And then the mobile phone to keep each other accountable. In a later course you’ll learn about the power of Activators. For now, watch as Daljit gets others exercising at the same time as her.