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The Pungra promises

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The Pungra promise(s) are key to helping ensure all instructors who are certified by Pungra, are providing a world class service. The promises we make are:

1. Exercise is at our core, not performing

Instructors certified by Pungra, for classes that are advertised as group exercise (or fitness) to Punjabi music are conducted to be about exercise, not performing. Our instructors will not instruct/coach participants to be performers, which means the coaching we provide will not include comments in the vain of “you can dance better” or similar. Instead the comments made by coaches, and encouraged by other participants, are in the vain of “move to the highest energy that you can”.

2. Non-stop and easy to follow, no choreography

The music will play to kick-start the warm up, and other than a few seconds between changing the music, there will be little gaps without music. Because instructors will need to demonstrate movements that most people can follow, they will be kept as simple as possible within the style of the movement.

Participants should never feel that if they miss a class, they need to “catch up” in the following weeks. And instructors never need to learn new routines/choreography. Instead, each class is instructed in the same manner every week, meaning it never matters if someone misses a class. It also means the instructor has a “pack” of moves that they use repeatedly, that are focused on exercise.

3. Everybody participates, no spectators or audiences

There is no show, performance or exhibition to prepare for. We will never perform, or ask any participant to perform, on any type of stage. Social media is used to encourage others to join the class in the local neighbourhood. They are not used to “show off” or demonstrate how skilled participants are.

With very few exceptions, such as a parent needing for a child to be with them, people are not allowed to spectate. The venue used should not have the means for people to peep through windows and watch the class.

4. Turn up, exercise, go home. No costumes, instruments, apparatus or dance divas

The class, and associated communication outside of the class, is not conventional “bhangra”, dance or performing classes. They’ll be no need, or even mention of, costumes, instruments or any form of performing apparatus. The class is not suitable for “dance divas” whose primarily interest is getting into the limelight. Dance divas are reminded that Pungra classes may not be what they want to take part in.

5. Certified, insured and above board, no desi kam

Pungra will keep flying the flag for certifications, and insist that all instructors, who promote themselves as exercise/fitness instructors, should be qualified according to exercise to music level 2 (the basic requirement to instruct group exercise in fitness centre).

We will settle for being “good enough” or accepting excuses for poor quality such as “well there are plenty of good bhangra dancers teaching fitness classes that aren’t certified”.