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The Pungra Story

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As a kid I was overweight and suffered with asthma. Through making adjustments to my eating habits, I found a new lease of life. I tried perhaps a dozen exercise types. Many of them didn’t keep my interest; the only one that did was dance. Dance was appealing to me, because I love music.

I considered “why not take part in an activity in which music is integral to the activity?”. I got involved with some dance classes, and the experience was horrible. So I started running my own classes.

The classes were really popular, with up to 80 people joining in.

The problem was that the class was trying to be lots of things to lots of different people. The majority of people wanted to exercise; but I didn’t know the first thing about what made a good exercise class.

In 2007 I studied an exercise qualification. This taught me that everything I was doing, from an exercise perspective, until this point was wrong.

I worked with fitness accreditation bodies to find a way to create a format, and certification, on how to instruct group exercise to Punjabi music. This is different to anything that anyone else has done, or is doing.

I decided to give it a punchy, and hopefully memorable name, Pungra.