Money back

At the end of your three months, you will be able to claim money back. The purpose is to foster a community of participation and results.

£55 is the temporary membership fee for January to March 2022, whilst class capacity is limited to 20 people. From April 2022 the three-block membership fee is expected to be reduced to £48, and the class capacity to return to 28 people. This will depend on the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Motivate Another (25% money back)

If you encouraged someone else to participate in at least 10 of the 12 classes. This will continue to apply every three months but is subject to review for each new block.

2. FitBit Group (10% money back)

10% for being an active member of the instructor’s FitBit group.

There is a group on Fitbit, your instructor is the administrator. To meet the criteria you will participate in the group leaderboard, encourage others and share occasional updates on your fitness progress. This is meant to be supportive, not competitive. Everyone who is supportive will receive the money back.

3. Exercise videos participant (100% money back)

Later in 2022 we will record exercise videos to publish freely to YouTube. If you join the video team and participate in the recording of 80% of the video shoots over three months, you are entitled to receive all your membership fee back. The video shoot will happen after the class, from 11AM to 12PM.


  • At the end of the block, when you’re signing up for the next block, you’ll provide evidence that you met the criteria. This can be as an email or text message. You will be refunded to a bank account, Revolut or similar.
  • You do not have to sign up for the next block to qualify for the money back.
  • Motivate Another applies to another person who is a paying member, meaning they’ve signed up for the 12 weeks and are not a guest participant.
  • FitBit Group only works with FitBit (not Apple Watch, Garmin, or other fitness trackers). Your instructor will offer you guidance on which device to buy, and how to use the device to obtain maximum benefits.
  • Exercise video shoots are limited to 5 people.
  • Exercise videos will only be recorded on blocks where the 20/28 spaces are fully booked.

How much?

  • If membership = £55, 25% = £13.75, 10% = £5.50
  • If membership = £45, 25% = £11.25, 10% = £4.50

How much per class could be reduced to

FeeMotivate AnotherFitBit GroupTotalRefundPer class
£55❌ 0❌ 0£55£0£4.60
£55✔️ 13.75❌ 0£41.25£13.75£3.44
£55❌ 0✔️ £5.50£49.50£5.50£4.13
£55✔️ 13.75✔️ £5.50£35.75£19.25£2.99
£48❌ 0❌ £0£48£0£4
£48✔️ 11.25❌ £0£36.75£11.25£3.07
£48❌ 0✔️ £4.50£43.50£4.50£3.63
£48✔️ 11.25✔️ £4.50£32.25£15.75£2.69

How to claim

At the end of the three months message your instructor to prompt a refund. The instructor will check attendance records and FitBit Group activity for evidence.