Let’s talk about myths

I contend in my book that bhangra is not a thing, and definitely not a genre. But how can I be correct, and millions of people be wrong? Surely the millions are correct, after all truth is based on what most people think, right? I disagree. Please take a few moment to check through some examples of reputable people that shoot down the myths almost all humanity believe to be true.

No such thing as pop

What does Mariah Carey say about Pop being a genre?

No such thing as black, or white, people

Jane Elliott is an anti-racism educator. Watch her video. Do you agree with her tough and blunt stance?

Learning styles

Hundreds of thousands of people in child and adult education use a concept called Learning Styles to determine how they teach. But are learning styles a myth?

There are hundreds of other myths, but I hope those are enough to convince you of the possibility that millions of people could also believe that bhangra being a thing, and a genre, is also a myth.