New for Diwali 2021, exercise to Punjabi music coach claims that bhangra needs to die


A new book called The Day Bhangra Died is launching. The text version will be available on Diwali 2021 to shine a light on some of the confusion that exists around the differences between partying, performing and exercising to Punjabi music, especially in the South Asian community. The audiobook version will be available before the end of the year.

The book will be available on multiple digital platforms through Kindle, Google, Apple, Barnes an Noble.


The South Asian community are one of the most inactive demographics in the UK, and other developed nations. The author of the book, Ravi Sandhu tells us, “we have this wonderful opportunity for a new fitness program which appeals especially to South Asian females, but the hidden problems preventing adoption needs to be addressed. This is why I’ve written this book”.

36% of (south) Asian females are physically inactive. Source UK Government


The book will launch for people to read on the 4th of November 2021, which is when Diwali is commentated. There will be an audiobook version to follow before the end of the year.

Why Diwali?

One of the reasons Diwali is celebrated is because it marks the beginning of winter. Known as the “festival of lights” from ancient times, Ravi Sandhu told us, “we need light more than ever before in the modern age. There are many health problems, as well as confusion. We need to make sense of the reality, and eliminate noise”.

Why does bhangra need to die?

Not everyone will agree with the premise of this book, and that’s ok. The purpose of the book is to provoke thought, and educate people on how the fitness industry, especially with regards to using Punjabi music, is in its infancy.

It is hoped that this book will galvanise the community with an interest in both Punjabi music and fitness, to band together to increase the number of opportunities for exercise.

Who is Ravi Sandhu?

The founder of a not-for-profit organisation which is called Pungra, which will become a charity in 2022 with the aim of delivering projects increasing levels of physical activity. The name, Pungra, is inspired by the authentic pronunciation of bhangra.


The book is available for pre-order in digital format on Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, Apple Books and Barnes and Noble, for £1.99. If you don’t see it in on the book store today, please try again on Thursday 4th November.

Listen to the foreword

Listen to the foreword of the book here.

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By Ravi Sandhu

Author of "The Day Bhangra Died" and founder of #Pungra.

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