Spaces available for Sunday Dormer’s Wells Southall, classes

The classes are booked three months at a time, and I’m taking bookings for April, May and June block. What is worth knowing:

  1. Location: Dormer’s Wells Leisure Centre, Southall (Google Maps).
  2. Time: Every Sunday 10AM to 11AM.
  3. Cost: £48 to cover all three months (which works out roughly £4 per class).
  4. Suitable for: moderate to high levels of fitness and coordination skills. Age 16 to 55. Youngsters between 10 and 15 are welcome, if parents are also joining it. No spectators please.
  5. This is not a dance class. You don’t need to be a “good” dancer, there are no shows/performances to prepare for. Simon Cowell is not sitting at the front of the room judging your movement. The only thing that matters is that you’re getting one hour of exercise to music you enjoy. It is a group exercise class, and the movement is similar to dancing.

If you’re interested in booking a space, please email me ravi@pungra.fit with any questions or interest in booking.

By Ravi Sandhu

Author of "The Day Bhangra Died" and founder of #Pungra.

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