Pungra is a leader in the group exercise industry, specialising in using Punjabi music. We are a partner of the UK's national governing body, EMD UK.

Pungra was founded by Ravi Sandhu who has been leading group exercise classes since 2000. He is certified according to standards approved by the fitness industry. Fun fact: Almost everyone advertising their classes as "bhangra fitness" classes, can't hold their classes in fitness centres; because they don't have the basic level of qualifications required by the industry.

This is an awful shame, as popularity for attending such classes is growing.

Ravi Sandhu wants to help more people who are keen to help people with their health and fitness, to become certified and bonafide "group exercise to Punjabi music instructors". If this is a mission you are interested in joining, one of the following roles might be suitable for you.

Interested? Use the envelop to start a conversation with Ravi Sandhu on Telegram or WhatsApp.

Is Pungra, the same as bhangra?

To understand what Pungra is, what group exercise to Punjabi music is; and how this is different to bhangra performing, watch this video.

Become a Charity Trustee

Pungra will secure funds from public bodies such as Sport England, to run exercise projects across the UK. To make this possible, Pungra needs to become a registered charity. The charity needs at least three trustees. The attributes of trustees are:

  1. Must be UK residents.
  2. Need to be digitally collaborative, to support a distributed team. Meaning comfortable with, or willing to learn, to use digital collaboration tools to create fund applications and deliver projects. Therefore you should have access to a laptop or tablet to be able to collaborate. The tools we use are TickTick, Twitter and WordPress. You will also need to become familiar with YouTube and Spotify.
  3. You will provide input into Pungra's podcast, Think Pungra on a monthly basis, primarily by recording message through your mobile, tablet or laptop.
  4. Entrepreneurial in nature. Ravi is not looking for people to take orders, but instead 'partners' in supporting our customers. At the same time, you will be humble to the work and lessons learnt so far from years of experience, and contribute your suggestions in this manner.
  5. You are determined to become a certified group exercise to Punjabi music instructor in your neighbourhood.

This will be a voluntary role until such a time that our projects generate revenue to pay for expenses, and hopefully eventually, salaries.

Join the Workout video team in Northolt

Pungra have made some of the most popular exercise to Punjabi music videos, and published them to YouTube since 2013. Some videos have been exercised to by hundreds of thousands of people, and at the peak of the coronavirus lockdowns, our videos were being joined by 20,000 people per week. We're very proud of our YouTube videos, but have placed their development on hold. We want to form a team who are dedicated and passionate about the reach of the Pungra brand around the world. To be a part of this team you should be:

  1. Physically located close to Alec Reed Academy in Northolt, London
  2. Available to join video shoots on Sunday mornings from 11AM to 12PM. The day/time is up for negotiation.
  3. With a good starting point of fitness, perhaps a regular gym-goer, considerate your eating and sleeping patterns, you are committed to continuously improving your own fitness.
  4. Committed to being involved in the constant self-reflection of our videos, comparing to others on YouTube, and working towards continuously helping improve our videos; and social media presence on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and others.
  5. It helps if you enjoy Punjabi music, the associated movement and being part of a leading YouTube based movement to help more of the world exercise.
  6. You will become familiar with platforms such as TickTick, Spotify, YouTube and Twitter.
  7. You're in "in it" for the limelight, likes and subscribers, popularity and generally for showing off how good a dancer you are. Instead, your focus is on exercise and motivating others to exercise.

This is on a voluntary basis, until such a time that the Pungra brand generates sufficient revenue through funded projects and merchandising sales to warrant paying team members expenses.

Become an Exercise Warrior in your neighbourhood

The term "Instructor" is so last decade; we believe those that lead others to exercise to Punjabi music deserve the title of Exercise Warriors. You are going to help people fight conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer and many others associated with physical inactivity. You should be:

  1. Keen to help people exercise to Punjabi music; there should be some part of you "in it" for more than just the money.
  2. Entrepreneurial in nature. Although you'll be guided by Ravi Sandhu, you'll take it upon your shoulders to grow your class, or classes, through using the Pungra brand, digital advertising and providing exception customer service.
  3. You need to be digitally ready to collaborate with all other members of the team through the methods used by Pungra; which will change and evolve as the team also grows. You should be comfortable with continuous improvement and change.
  4. You will become familiar with platforms to help us collaborate including TickTick, Twitter, Spotify, YouTube and Riverside.

You will be operating on a freelance basis, not employed by Pungra. You will contribute £5 per month to Pungra to be licensed. You'll generate your own income from classes, and invest in qualifications, insurance, licences and promotion. Find out how much you can make by texting Ravi Sandhu (press the envelope).