Class Terms

Updated 9th May 2022

No health conditions

You agree to only participate in the class if you have none of these:

  1. A heart condition or can only take part in a medically supervised activity.
  2. Pain, dizziness, faintness or unconsciousness, brought on by physical activity.
  3. Bone, joint, blood pressure, heart or similar conditions that  can be aggravated by physical activity.
  4. Asthma, diabetes, epilepsy or other conditions that make it important for you not to take part in high-intensity exercise.

What should we expect from the fitness program?

It’s a combination of warm-up, high-intensity interval training, Punjabi dance movement, cool down and stretches. All indoors. Suitable for able-bodied people between 16 and 60 years of age.

Children, disabled and vulnerable adults

Younger people over 10 years of age, or disabled people are welcome, provided they have a participating guardian. Guardians take full responsibility for the care and attention to children or disabled people, including chaperoning in and out of the venue, use of changing rooms, toilets and other rooms.

What should be worn?

Sports clothing suitable for indoor sports, such as running trainers. It is not required to wear a face-covering during exercise. Depending on government or fitness centre guidelines, it may be necessary to wear a face-covering within the corridors.

What else should we do for success?

To really impact your fitness through tangible measurable results, use an FitBit fitness tracker and ask the instructor to invite you to the FitBit group, where we will be part of a leaderboard showing our levels of activity; to help motivate us to stay active throughout the week.

What else is worth knowing?

Ravi is hosting this session for the following reasons:

  1. To increase participation in exercise generally.
  2. To encourage people to become a certified exercise to Punjabi music instructors across the UK. The photos/videos and general use of the format, which is approved by the UK’s national governing body for group exercise, EMD UK, will then be used to coach others to lead similar classes.

Last-minute cancellations/changes – Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp Stories

For unforeseen reasons, there can be last-minute cancellations or changes that affect whether the class is going ahead. In the past there have been roof leaks, power cuts, the administrator has double-booked the room, the instructor is ill and many other reasons. To keep you informed, the instructor will use Twitter,Instagram and WhatsApp Stories to communicate these eventualities.

Twitter: You are not required to sign up for a Twitter account but should check the instructor’s Twitter page (bookmark/favourite it in your internet browser). Ravi’s Twitter page is twitter.com/ravisandhu8.

Instagram: This option is suitable for you if you are a Instagram user, connect on @ravipungra. To connect with Ravi on WhatsApp, please add 07920 463 805.

Can’t make it that week? Open a space for a guest

The instructor will email you every Thursday asking you to RSVP for that Sunday. If you are unable to attend, please inform the instructor by replying ‘not attending’, so that your space can be made available to a guest.

Updates and invites

The first people that will be invited to sign up for the following three months will be those who are following the pungra.fit website by email.

Personal information

Please do not ask other participants for any personal information. This includes mobile number, home address (even street, or close to landmark), health status including clinically diagnosed diseases, medical or vaccination status, religious affiliation, caste or clan, country of birth or ethnicity; or anything that can be perceived as personal or used in a discriminatory manner. Any breaches, in the form of requests for information, should be reported to your instructor.

Your contract is with your instructor

Your class arrangement is with Ravi Sandhu, not the organisation called Pungra. Pungra is a charity that supports instructors with certification programs and project delivery.

Photos and videos will be taken

There will be photos and videos captured and shared to promote the sessions for more people to take part in similar exercise events, and to encourage others to become instructors certified by Pungra. Also, this is the fastest way for the instructor to register who participated that day and serves as a great memory. Please join the photos in the spirit of community and collectiveness.

They will be shared on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok and we reserve the right to share them on other platforms. These are mostly group shots, and many will be taken from the back of the class aiming to show levels of participation. A high level of participation will help us secure funds in the future, and grow the capacity in other locations.

The instructor reserves the right to remove participants from classes, for breach of terms and conditions.

Members claim money back

​​At the end of your three months, you will be able to claim money back. The purpose is to foster a community of participation and results. Money back is not available if you received an early bird place.

1. Motivate Another (25% money back)

If you encouraged someone else to participate in at least 10 of the 12 classes. This will continue to apply every three months but is subject to review for each new block. This is not available to early bird purchases. 

2. FitBit Group (10% money back)

10% for being an active member of the instructor’s FitBit group.

There is a group on Fitbit, your instructor is the administrator. To meet the criteria you will participate in the group leaderboard, encourage others and share occasional updates on your fitness progress. This is meant to be supportive, not competitive. Everyone who is supportive will receive the money back.

3. Exercise videos participant (100% money back)

Later in 2022 we will record exercise videos to publish freely to YouTube. If you join the video team and participate in the recording of 80% of the video shoots over three months, you are entitled to receive all your membership fee back. The video shoot will happen after the class, from 11AM to 12PM.

  • At the end of the block, when you’re signing up for the next block, you’ll provide evidence that you met the criteria. This can be as an email or text message. You will be refunded to a bank account, Revolut or similar.
  • You do not have to sign up for the next block to qualify for the money back.
  • Motivate Another applies to another person who is a paying member, meaning they’ve signed up for the 12 weeks and are not a guest participant.
  • FitBit Group only works with FitBit (not Apple Watch, Garmin, or other fitness trackers). Your instructor can offer you guidance on which device to buy, and how to use the device to obtain maximum benefits.
  • Exercise video shoots are limited to 8 people.
  • Exercise videos will only be recorded on blocks where the 20/28 spaces are fully booked. 

How to claim money back

​​At the end of the three months, message your instructor to prompt a refund. The instructor will check attendance records and FitBit Group activity for evidence.