Good group exercise to Punjabi music

Boom! Boom!
Just awesome way to be fit and healthy. Let's adapt Pungra into lifestyle with great instructor Ravi sir who inspires us with VO2 Max and several new concepts. Good luck folks let's just follow up this page without a second thought and get healthy, fit and fine.

Hurry up! let's spread Pungra into the whole world as a fitness exercise.

I lost 6pounds in 2 months with this page.

Manpinder Ocks

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Our Vision

The obesity pandemic will reach 50% of developed nations populations by 2030 and will impact 100% of the people. South Asian females are the most inactive demographic in the UK and other countries, we want to contribute to reversing these trends. Sources: NHS, Half of UK obese by 2030 / Physical Activity stats

We aim to be the leaders in the highest standards to group exercise to Punjabi music in the world.

1. Publish exercise videos to YouTube to facilitate exercise at home.

2. Support heroes at home to become Activators, to minimise the isolation and associated lack of activity caused by lockdowns.

3. Convert dancers and fitness enthusiasts into high-quality coaches through partnerships with organisations including EMD UK, the UK's national governing body for group exercise.

Good exercise to Punjabi music
We endeavour to ensure that our format is according to the definitions of good, which includes:
1. To be desired or approved of,
2. Having the required qualities, of a high standard,
3. That which is morally right,
4. Benefit or advantage to someone or something.

Exercise videos

High quality exercise to Punjabi music videos in your living room on the best screen in your home - available for free.

Aim for five workouts, five times a week. Use a fitness tracker to monitor your activity and keep you going.

Search Pungra on YouTube.

Keep learning

Listen to new Punjabi music, news about exercise and tips for how to move towards a fitter lifestyle. Listen on Anchor, Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts.

Become an Activator

Help your family, friends and colleagues exercise at home using technology including YouTube, WhatsApp and similar. Click apply to find out more.

Press Release: Group Exercise to Punjabi music in the new normal, Sport England fund a project to enable Activators to get more South Asian females active at home.

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Ravi Sandhu
Lead Coach