“It’s my dream for people to exercise to my favourite music (Punjabi) without vanity, to the standards expected in the fitness industry. Oh, and if everyone can pronounce bhangra correctly, that would be awesome.”

— Ravi Sandhu, Founder

Exercise for free

Our videos, your living room TV

See this example. To access the videos access YouTube on your TV and search Pungra. 

What do people think?


“…I checked your videos and I fall in love with those…” Nav, Las Vegas


“…it doesn’t feel like exercise, the moves are nice and easy to follow and I get a good workout, highly recommended…” Kiran, London


“…I think it is hard to sustain any exercise program unless it is fun. That’s why I am writing this review: if it is not only good exercise but also real fun what you’re looking for, you should meet Pungra workouts immediately. It is a real joy to follow them.” Yaprak, Turkey

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

Exercise together

What you need to join us:

  1. Internet speed sufficient for streaming a YouTube video.
  2. A TV (or laptop) to access that YouTube video.
  3. A mobile (or laptop/tablet) to join the video call.
  4. Google Meet installed on the device being used in number 3.
  5. Be organised and supportive. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and this is the type of pandemic we need more of.

Keep your cash, it’s free to join.

Here are all the times Activators are hosting Exercise together sessions. Select them to see the video and Google Meet link.

Coming back soon


Our last class was in October 2020. We’re shooting to get Southall classes started again in January 2021. To stay informed, add your email address at the bottom.


The best Punjabi music for group exercise, and motivation to keep moving.

What comes first exercise, or being in the mood to exercise? Think Pungra

Listen to new tracks by Karan Aujla, Diljit Dosanjh, Khani Bhaini and Shipra Goyal. Find out what we should show up first, and why of course learning hard, and how to overcome that feeling.
  1. What comes first exercise, or being in the mood to exercise?
  2. How can you make your brain more sharp (chalaak)?
  3. Is Sidhu Moose Wala "serious" about not promoting violence?
  4. My BritAsia Fund story, news from Apple, exercise and motor neuron disease and gardening
  5. Exercise in the evening is best, how much you should exercise and new music by Amrit Mann and Himmat Sandhu

The Day Bhangra Died

Find out about how protecting old ideas prevents many of us from learning new solutions, to modern day problems. Coming soon as an eBook and Audiobook.

Instruct Pungra

The handbook for becoming a certified exercise to Punjabi music instructor. Coming soon as an eBook and Audiobook.

Join our team

Pungra is in the process of becoming a charity. We are a partner of EMD UK (the national governing body for group exercise). We are looking for trustees to join our team to enable us to design and deliver exercise-centred projects across England.

This is an opportunity to join at the start of the formation of the “professionalisation” of group exercise to Punjabi music, which has the potential for global impact. We are looking for three trustees who:

  1. are able to offer up to two hours work per week to help identify funds, and project management (entirely digitally), including joining a podcast, recording session (20-30 minutes) every Friday afternoon (time is negotiable). You will use your own device and premises within the guidelines for maximising on video and audio quality;
  2. are familiar with, or have a willingness to learn, digital technologies such as Telegram, YouTube, Dropbox, Google Calendar and other collaboration platforms;
  3. are committed to continuous professional development, maintaining an adaptable, flexible coaching mindset with intellectual humility;
  4. understand and appreciate how charities and not-for-profits operate, which are different to commercial businesses; and
  5. have an execution professional approach to getting a job completed, (do not want to become a “talking shop” culture).


  • Certified to Exercise to Music level 2, or intend to complete within the next year.
  • 2+ years experience of teaching group exercise classes, or dance classes with a strong focus on exercise.

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