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We are on the pursuit of being the gold standard to group exercise to Punjabi music. We record and publish our classes freely to YouTube to raise awareness of what we believe high standards in group exercise looks like.

Our videos are available on any device that supports YouTube, including your living room TV. We don't hide them behind a site that you can only access on your laptop, and best of all, they're free.

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The Day Bhangra Died

Exercise to Punjabi music is experiencing modernisation for the fitness age

Prepare to have everything you thought you knew about “bhangra” and fitness, challenged. In a time of rampant obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other health conditions that relate to physical inactivity, this book highlights how exercising to Punjabi music is experiencing modernisation.

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The pungra group really improved my physical and mental health. I look forward to it every week and the workouts with the music are great fun, especially with the rest of the group.


London, UK

The world we are living in forced us to do most of the stuff Virtual. One way it seems like we are more closer. I just found this you tube pungra cardio videos and I am loving it.


California, USA

Absolutely Love Pungra! What a fab way to keep fit and healthy and also learn some moves! Ravi knows what he is doing for sure! Highly recommend trying it out.


London, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pungra, just the same as bhangra?

The name of our organisation is Pungra, and what we have is blended of the best of performing to Punjabi music and group exercise to music, Our name is inspired by the authentic pronunciation of the word bhangra (which wouldn’t make for a good name for an organisation, would it really?)

What do Pungra do?

We support those who enjoy listening to Punjabi music to lead active lifestyles through vigorous workouts and intentional coaching…without them needing to learn choreography, become anxious about performing at shows, and take risks associated with uncertified instructors.

What is Pungra’s mission?

To develop a directory of group exercise to Punjabi music instructors, that are certified according to fitness industry standards. The directory will work together to contribute to combating the obesity pandemic and helping people enjoy being active. We’re modernising exercise to Punjabi music; which is not easy because so many people are hung up on thinking in conventional terms.

Join our journey to bring Pungra to you

We thrilled that you want to bring Pungra close to you. Provide your email address, so that we can keep you informed about our progress and survey you occasionally.

I like the idea of Pungra, how do I stay motivated to exercise?

Somehow we've found you, or you've found Pungra. The majority of people that first learn about something new, like Pungra, aren't ready to incorporate group exercise to Punjabi into their lives. Some typical reasons are that we don't offer classes close to you, yet. Other reasons are that you are too busy to make adjustments to exercise with our videos, or classes. For this reason, we ask that you allow us to keep you motivated to exercise by signing up for updates from this website. Enter your email address at the bottom of this page.

Why do we do what we do?

The obesity pandemic will reach 50% of developed nations' populations by 2030 and will impact 100% of the people. South Asian females are the most inactive demographic in the UK and other countries. South Asians are 6 times more like to contract Type 2 Diabetes than the general population. This is due to a variety of factors including diet and exercise. There are dozens, if not hundreds of bhangra dancers around the globe who are promoting their classes as "fitness classes'. But they have no accredited qualifications related to fitness and exercise. We want to help ensure all exercise to Punjabi using instructors are registered on the Register for Exercise Professionals (REPs).


2009, Diabetes UK and South Asian Health Foundation recommendations on diabetes research priorities for British South Asians

1999, Obesity: preventing and managing the global epidemic: report of a WHO consultation

Well 'Half of UK obese by 2030'

2015, WHO report: 74% of men and 64% of women in UK to be overweight by 2030, The Guardian

2019 How to Choose the Right Coach, Register for Exercise Professionals

Who is Ravi Sandhu, and what is his story?

The founder of Pungra, his "day job" is as a technology adoption consultant; which means he needs to keep abreast of advancements in the technology world, and help his clients do the same.

His hobby since a kid has been combining exercise with Punjabi music, also narrowly known as bhangra.

He tried taking up dancing, but found teachers were more focused on external validation and getting fame, than exercise.

He qualified as a group exercise instructor, and it has shaped his approach to running classes. As well as helped him realise that hundreds of "bhangra dancers" teachers could benefit from a training program to be better fitness instructors. If they did, we could all work together to combat the inactivity problem in the South Asian community.

He worked with the UK's national governing body for group exercise to design that training program.

Now… it's time to convince dancers to become certified fitness instructors.

What’s Pungra’s story so far?

Pungra classes have been brewing in Southall (West London, UK) since 2016. Gradually tweaking and refining the format to be focused on what works for good exercise. From 2016 we have published workout videos to YouTube. They were joined by 3,000 people per week before the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns. During 2020 and 2021, the numbers increased to 20,000 per week.

In 2019 our instructor development course was endorsed by the UK’s national governing body for group exercise, EMD UK. In 2022, Pungra will be inviting bhangra dancers across the UK to becoming certified group exercise to Punjabi music instructors.

We need your help to bring high quality exercise classes to your neighbourhood, join our journey.

…loads of people do the same as what Pungra are doing, right?

Pungra is fundamentally different, and therefore unique, to others who promote themselves as ‘bhangra fit’. In a nutshell, they are teaching dance classes that ‘might be a bit exercisey’. We have turned this concept on its head, if that isn’t a revolution, then what is? We are exercise, that’s a bit ‘dancey’. As far as we know, there are no other teams developing learning curriculums to help people become certified (by the fitness industry) exercise to Punjabi music instructors.

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