Our vision

To develop a directory of group exercise to Punjabi music instructors, that are certified according to fitness industry standards.

The directory will work together to contribute to combating the obesity pandemic and helping people enjoy being active.

We’re professionalising exercise to Punjabi music

What do people think?


“…I checked your videos and I fall in love with those…” Nav, Las Vegas


“…it doesn’t feel like exercise, the moves are nice and easy to follow and I get a good workout, highly recommended…” Kiran, London


“…I think it is hard to sustain any exercise program unless it is fun. That’s why I am writing this review: if it is not only good exercise but also real fun what you’re looking for, you should meet Pungra workouts immediately. It is a real joy to follow them.” Yaprak, Turkey

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

Join the group

It’s still early days for our mission, and we need your support to get us there. One of the most powerful elements of what we do is being within a group. Our group is on Twitter, join in with all the fun using #pungra.

Get to know other Pungrafiers, stay informed with what’s happening with classes, including photos, when new spaces become available, when there are spare spaces for guests to take for free, and when new instructors come on board. We’ll ask questions, do surveys, share our fitness progress and motivate each other. Freely and openly.

This image is an example of an open group conversation on Twitter. If you don’t want the public to be able to see your tweets, ensure you’re set to only allow followers to see them.

Questions and answers about our group

I don’t use Twitter, or I don’t understand Twitter
Answer: It’s our guess you’ve never had a reason to, now is as good as time as any to start.

Why Twitter? Why not Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or others?
Answer: Partly because of data protection, and partly because of the trust of the provider. We think you should reserve Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp for your family, and friends you knew dozens of years ago from school that you want to keep in contact with. Twitter is a place to set your health and fitness intentions and connect with others who love exercise to Punjabi music.

Can I just see the updates without signing up for an account?
Yes, this is the number one reason why we use Twitter because you don’t “have” to have an account, unlike with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others. You can bookmark the instructor’s page in a browser, and check it regularly for updates. To contribute to the discussion, and ask to take a space in class as a guest, you will need an account.


We have one class every Sunday 10AM to 11AM at Dormer’s Wells Leisure Centre. It’s booked three months ahead and is almost always fully subscribed. To be kept informed about when spaces become available, and new classes start, please subscribe by email at bottom of this page, and join our group on Twitter.

Exercise for free

Our videos, your living room TV. No illegal and low-quality Zoom classes here. See this example. To access the videos access YouTube on your TV and search Pungra.

Exercise together at home

What you need to join us:

  1. Internet speed sufficient for streaming a YouTube video.
  2. A TV (or laptop) to access that YouTube video.
  3. A mobile (or laptop/tablet) to join the video call.
  4. Google Meet installed on the device being used in number 3.
  5. Be organised and supportive. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and this is the type of pandemic we need more of.

Keep your cash, it’s free to join.

See all the times Activators are hosting Exercise together sessions, including the Google Meet link.

Wear Pungra

Show up, anywhere, with your love for Pungra.

Think Pungra

Our podcast. The best Punjabi music for group exercise, and motivation to keep moving.

Do we need to exercise our mind, before we exercise our body? Think Pungra

Does exercise start the moment you start moving? Also enjoy three new Punjabi tracks by Nimrat Khaira, Diljit Dosanjh, Gurnam Bhullar, R Nait and Kaur B. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/pungra/message
  1. Do we need to exercise our mind, before we exercise our body?
  2. Care about your brain/mental health with exercise
  3. Foreword of new book, The Day Bhangra Died
  4. Do you ”have” to do cardio? Plus three tracks with Gurlez Akthar
  5. What comes first exercise, or being in the mood to exercise?

The Day Bhangra Died

Coming February 2022 as an audiobook and textbook

Learn about how to make the most of exercise to Punjabi music, including overcoming any biases or preconceived ideas you may have, why exercise is so important, and how to use your love for this activity to help others.

A partner organisation

Pungra is proud to be a partner organisation of the UK’s national governing body for group exercise, EMD UK.