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We create workout videos and publish them freely to YouTube

Ravi Sandhu

I want to help you exercise to Punjabi music at in your own home. #pungra is a movement about movement, inspired by the authentic pronunciation of the word bhangra.

My core profession is to help companies adopt new technologies that improve their workflow, including improving working from home. Because of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 more people will be working from home, which means potentially exercising much less. This means that one crisis (Covid19) will accelerate another crisis (obesity), but it doesn’t have to be this way.

My message is work, and workout, from home.

A comment that describes #pungra perfectly

I stumbled across Pungra workouts by Ravi Sandhu on You Tube by chance and boy was I lucky! This is the first exercise that has made me fit all over, improved my strength, flexibility and balance. The exercise are for any fitness level, and no one is urging you to go beyond your abilities. There are no contortions, no need to get down on the floor and no people on your screen smiling glibly as you struggle!

You feel like you are exercising with a bunch of your friends! Ravi’s instructions are encouraging, friendly and sometimes just gestures. So I don’t feel like someone is shouting at me all the time or telling me left foot right foot and confusing me. The music is so much fun, the tunes and lyrics bounce around your head all day and you feel inspired to exercise. In a few months I have become fitter, my knees are better and my sciatica has improved. I am in my late fifties and if I can do it, anyone can!

How do I exercise with your videos at home?

Ensure you have an appropriate TV, and/or peripheral to access YouTube. You also need plenty of space to move, get rid of the coffee table. Search for Pungra on YouTube, and choose a video to follow. Get your family involved. Aim to follow one video 5 times a week to stay healthy according to most medical guidelines.

Is it bhangra or Pungra?

It’s our guess that you’ve seen the word bhangra and naturally it looks like it’s pronounced like bang-rah. Frustratingly for us, this is incorrect. In the same way that London is pronounced Lundun, jalapeno is pronounced halapeno and Xiaomi is pronounced shoiwme, bhangra is pronounced more like pungra.

Our organisation is named #pungra, inspired by the authentic pronunciation of bhangra.

Which music do we use?

Most of the music is available on YouTube and YouTube Music. We use very new and high quality Punjabi music.

To find the playlist on YouTube:

  • Access YouTube on your device, including TV, computer, mobile, etc.
  • Search Pungra
  • Select Playlists
  • Play and enjoy

Do #pungra host “bhangra” classes?

We have stopped our classes because of coronavirus. They “might” be back.

Questions and answers

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The coronavirus will cause an increase in isolation, leading to greater risk of mental health issues. Not only is #pungra’s message to follow our workout videos on YouTube at home, we also want to encourage people to connect on Twitter. Talk with us and other #pungra people around the world on Twitter. Share your questions and fondness for exercise to Punjabi music. Include images, and/or videos of you taking part. Don’t forget your health improvement, and weight management stories too.

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