Physical exercise to bhangra (pə̀ŋɡɽaː)

Pungra Fit is, physical exercise to bhangra... rethought

We are not a bhangra dancing performing arts organisation. They create exclusive sit-and-watch performances.

We remove barriers to movement, by leading high quality inclusive get-up-and-join-in activities. Instead of arts, think sports and fitness. We are a voluntary organisation.

Our mission: To make a contribution to the "big" problem.

Our aims:
To facilitate exercise to bhangra through YouTube.Train exercise to music instructors on how to use bhangra in their classes.
Our team
Master Instructor, Ravi Sandhu, has enjoyed bhangra music from a young age, and after more than 10 years of bhangra performing experience, he posed the question, "How do I host a class for people that want to exercise to bhangra and don't really want to learn routines or be dancers?" He educates people on the benefits of high intensity exercise to music.

Ravi intends to grow the Pungra Fit team, when he finds suitable people with the skills, tenacity and acumen to help enhance the services we offer.

The "big" problem is obesity and associated illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and more.

Our guides

Read one of our guides. They are hosted in Quip, which enables you to view for free on many devices.

Our Classes

We have classes in Southall and Ilford, to find out more about them, read this guide.

Are you interested in bringing Pungra to your community? For out how you can in (For Instructors)[#instruct)

For instructors

Whether you're an established physical exercise instructor, or have aspirations to become one, our guides are suitable for you.

Follow along anywhere

Join thousands of people who follow along to our videos in the comfort of their own home, or remote classes in rooms with large TVs. To find the videos on your TV search Pungra