Good group exercise to Punjabi music

We make exercise to Punjabi music videos and publish them freely on YouTube. And we facilitate video calls to motivate you to exercise at home at the same time as others.

I would like to say a big thank you

I would like to say a big thank you as the pungra classes have helped me to maintain a balance between work and my exercise.

At first I did find it very hard but I now really enjoy the classes I watch and exercise to during the week.

I am now looking to join the live classes and go beyond. This balances my normal exercise that I do Ling with this.

So a big thank you to Rav who added me on this platform

Lukhvir Bhangal

Covid 19 kicked which meant no joining

Covid 19 kicked which meant no joining pungra classes but Ravi singh made it all possible. His amazing videos didnt just help me but also my retired parents which kept them moving on lazy sundays. Very greatful for the on going suport recieved by Ravi and his team. After a busy hectic day at the hospital the excitement for my pungra class has not only helped my weight loss jounrey but mentally kept me happy

Resh Dhillon

A super fit way to get fit

My friend recommended Pungra classes to me after I was complaining of a lack of exercise and feeling sluggish through the the pandemic!

Due to Covid & not going to the gym or having my regular PT sessions I felt I had gotten into a rut and making many excuses not to exercise! As lockdown continued, I seemed to be doing less and less exercise! I felt myself gaining weight, becoming stiff so I thought why not try this, it’s only 20 minutes!



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Our videos, your living room TV

See this example. To access the videos access YouTube on your TV and search Pungra. 

Exercise together

Watch Daljit demonstrate how to join an Exercise Together session.

What you need to join us

  1. Internet speed sufficient for streaming a YouTube video.
  2. A TV (or laptop) to access the YouTube.
  3. A mobile (or tablet), to connect to the video call.
  4. Google Meet installed on the mobile/tablet (from number 3).
  5. Be organised and supportive. Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and this is the type of pandemic we need more of.
  6. Keep your cash, it's free to join.

Here are all the times Activators are hosting Pungra Together sessions. Select them to see the video and Google Meet link.

Outdoor exercise

We exercise every Sunday from 9AM to 10AM in the field next to Dormer's Wells Leisure Centre. The exercise includes dance to Punjabi music. It is free to join, but limits related to Covid19 apply.

The decision to do the class is made every week on Wednesday, by checking the weather forecast.

Stay motivated on Telegram

The place to pause, reflect and give attention to exercising to Punjabi music. We practise safe-text, please banter, support others, ask questions and share your

enthusiasm. Harassing others will result in getting kicked out of the group. Click the Telegram logo to join.

What is Telegram and why are we using it for our group?

If you're familiar with WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype or similar, Telegram is touted as an alternative in which our interactions are not monitored.

Facebook are well-known to scan messages and then sell information to advertisers - meaning our use of Facebook technology can be used to manipulate us.

We don't want to be party to this manipulation, so [for now*] we are trusting that Telegram is the best place for our community.

We also think you'll enjoy it enough to want to use it as your main communication method with your family and friends.

*Please keep in mind that the technology landscape is in constant flux, meaning new apps, or new features to existing apps, are being released multiple times a year. At the same time some brands lose their credibility or trustworthiness in a flash (many people don't notice, but we do). For this reason if we need to change technology for your better interests, we will. We hope you'll support/join us through the change and admire our tenacity for wanting to keep you safe digitally.

Think Pungra

Listen to our podcast to stay up to date with new Punjabi music and stay motivated to exercise.

Keep Pungra Alive

Why become a donor?

We've been helping people around the world exercise to Punjabi music at home since 2013. The videos have improved organically and in an ad hoc manner. The YouTube channel has had more than 2 million views.

2021 is the year to decide whether to make the videos world class, or bring the whole concept to an end. You decide.

For just £3 per month your donation will:

  • ensure the video quality improves both visually and the sound.
  • help us increase the number of videos.
  • help the videos reach more people.
  • reward and recognise people for exercising with Pungra.

In return you will receive:

  • voting rights to choose which music is used in upcoming videos.
  • the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping Pungra stay alive, and even thrive.