Move for a cause, not applause

Our mission is to help more people exercise to Punjabi music taught through the highest possible standards.

Ravi Sandhu - Chief Coach

Confession time, one of my pet peeves is when people tell me I am “a good dancer”, that’s not of any interest to me. I am a Change Coach. I want to inspire people to improve their health, maximise their fitness and be mindful about the consequences of their actions.

#pungra is a movement about movement, inspired by the authentic pronunciation of the word bhangra. I have big ideas for people to learn lessons from me and apply them to classes all around the world. Southall is the place I have chosen to experiment with my ideas. From 2020 I’ll be educating others to adopt the same concepts.

Get involved, either by joining my class, influencing others to exercise or even becoming a coach yourself.

A comment that describes Pungra perfectly

“Yes, I totally agree I think that most fitness dance classes are in fact performances that you spend your money on to join and the teachers go way too fast and they don’t really slow down for you, and they make you feel embarrassed that you’re not as skinny as the teacher, also I really actually don’t get all that much exercise from other dance classes for some reason.

But your workouts are really super awesome in fact I just finished one a few minutes ago!!!! I have been a really big fan of your workouts for I think about six months or so, but unfortunately I can’t subscribe to your YouTube channel because I don’t use my email for YouTube which means that I can’t subscribe to channels.

Anyway, I was so extremely thrilled when I first discovered your wonderful workouts, not only could I actually do Bhangra (I live in an area where there aren’t any Bhangra classes) but that I could actually do a workout where I didn’t have to feel self-conscious and insecure and just have fun!!!!!

Also I actually get way more exercise from your workouts than most fitness dance classes I go to and I have really lost a lot of weight from doing your workouts, I know this is a really long comment, but I just want to applaud you for being in my opinion, the best fitness dance instructor I’ve ever come across!!!!!

I really wish I lived in the UK so I can join your classes, but sadly I live in the States, but I still get the full experience and enjoyment from your YouTube workouts. Thank you so much, you are so awesome!!!! 😄😄😄”

Do Pungra host “bhangra” classes?

We avoid calling our classes “bhangra” classes. The reason is that most classes of this type are focused on the goal of dancing for an audience. Pungra classes are focused on participants’ health, there is no audience in the mix. Pungra is the only class of its kind that focuses on exercise to all types of Punjabi music.

Is it bhangra or Pungra?

It’s our guess that you’ve seen the word bhangra and naturally it looks like it’s pronounced like bang-rah. Frustratingly for us, this is incorrect. In the same way that London is pronounced Lundun, jalapeno is pronounced halapeno and Xiaomi is pronounced shoiwme, bhangra is pronounced more like pungra.

Our organisation is named Pungra, inspired by the authentic pronunciation of bhangra.

Which music do we use?

Most of the music is available on YouTube and YouTube Music. We use very new and high quality Punjabi music.

To find the playlist on YouTube:

  • Access YouTube on your device, including TV, computer, mobile, etc.
  • Search Pungra
  • Select Playlists
  • Play and enjoy

Do you offer a taster class? How do I know if it’s suitable for me?

We do hold free taster occasionally, usually every 3 months. To make sure you know about these, join the mailing list, like on Facebook, or follow the tags on Twitter/Instagram.

If you’d like to know right now though, what the class is like, why not watch, or even join in, with some of our workout videos on YouTube? You’ll get the idea of whether they’re suitable quickly and at your own place and pace.

How do I join in with a class?

We have a class in Southall every Sunday at 11AM to 12PM. The location is Dormer’s Wells Leisure Centre, UB1 3JB Map. Cost is £40 per 12 weeks, or £5 per class. The 12 week blocks are often over-subscribed and people who book those have priority over people who go for the £5 ad hoc option.

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Upcoming Courses

We’re developing the following courses. You can find out when the courses are available and updated by opening the course and signing up for updates.

Move For a Cause

The importance of moving and how to make the most of Pungra.

Two Tyred

Insights into maximising your energy, stop being too tired… and two tyred.

Energise Your Community

It takes more than a good instructor to make a good class. As an enthusiastic Mover you play a valuable role in helping your class get better.

Say Punjabi Write/Right

The Punjabi words most often incorrectly pronounced.

Make Pungra a Thing

All the techniques for how to instruct using the Pungra system, and held to the best standards in the world.

Eat Pungra

For January to March 2020 block Ravi is trialing a new service called Eat Pungra. The idea is people who sign up will use an app to track their food, and the Pungra instructor will be someone to “answer to” when they’re not meeting their nutritional requirements. It’s not a nutritionist service – meaning the instructor will not be planning a nutritional plan for you. More a “extra set of eyes” and the expectation is that if you’re not meeting your nutritional requirements that you’ll do your own research to plug the gaps. Also the people on the Eat Pungra scheme will be encouraged to share their experiences and tips.

It requires the people being coached to update the app daily with details of what they ate that day for it to be successful.

5 people will join the pilot for January to March 2020 for free. The plan is to charge from April 2020, somewhere between £5-£10 a month depending on how much work it ends up creating for the instructor.

Let us motivate you

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