The gold standard for group exercise to Punjabi music

The gold standard

Is it too ambitious to want to be the gold standard in group exercise to Punjabi music? We think it's what the world needs. But why?Whilst the rate of inactivity is soaring, so too are the number of people teaching "bhangra classes" and passing themselves off as fitness instructors. We believe strongly that all fitness instructors should be appropriately qualified to the standards expected in the fitness industry, including those that use Punjabi music. It's kind of exciting to see what will happen.It's no mean feat though. In our experience, most "bhangra dancers" masquerading as fitness instructors, don't see the problem as we see it. We think it's misleading, and therefore, unethical to pretend to be a fitness instructor and essentially take advantage of people who want to achieve fitness goals, but don't know that their teacher isn't appropriately certified.


"The pungra group really improved my physical and mental health. I look forward to it every week and the workouts with the music are great fun, especially with the rest of the group." Jasvir, London, UK

"The world we are living in forced us to do most of the stuff Virtual. One way it seems like we are more closer. I just found this you tube pungra cardio videos and I am loving it." Jaspreet, California, USA

"Absolutely Love Pungra! What a fab way to keep fit and healthy and also learn some moves! Ravi knows what he is doing for sure! Highly recommend trying it out." Alyssa, London, UK

Our mission

To enable performers and activators to become certified group exercise to Punjabi music instructors.They will be certified to the standard expected in the fitness sector, all to help combat the #big problem.#big problem includes obesity, type 2 diabetes and other lifestyle conditions.


✅ 1. Embody the expectations of a good standard exercise class and denounce performing. In other words, be the change we want to see in the world.
❎ 2. Create educational material to help others achieve step 1 (expected by end of 2022).
❎ 3. Register as a charity (by end of 2023).
❎ 4. Deliver projects with the support of funders and sponsors (from 2023 onwards).
❎ 5. Make exercise to Punjabi music normal with Pungra as a household name. Distinguish it from 'bhangra' (by 2030).

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Workout videos

Exercise with our videos anywhere you can access YouTube, all for free. Search "Pungra". Here's an example.

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Learn about group exercise to Punjabi music, and how this is different to bhangra fitness in the book.

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Classes and events

We have one class currently in Northolt, West London, lead by the founder, Ravi Sandhu. With plans to unify group exercise to Punjabi music instructors, therefore expanding the number of classes.We host, and support others', ad hoc events. Be sure to sign up for our email updates.

Time: Sundays 10AM to 11AM
Location: Alec Reed Academy, Northolt, West London
Fee: Pay what you can (suggested £4)

We're lonely

being the only class that cares about exercise over being a performer. The world of dance is either dominated with people that only move occasionally at parties, or performers that pull silly faces and show-off thinking they're the bees' knees.Our world, in which we 'move for a cause, not applause' needs more sober, mindful and intentional people. Does that sound like your cup of chai? If so, get into a conversation with Ravi Sandhu.

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Say hi

Hi I'm Ravi Sandhu, founder and lead volunteer.I'm glad you've come to check Pungra out. Whether you're interested in participating within a class, becoming an instructor or otherwise volunteering to help push the cause to help more people exercise to Punjabi music, to the standards expected in the fitness industry, why not say hi?

Thank You

For your interest in our work.