Move for a cause, not for applause

Our mission is to help more people exercise to Punjabi music taught through the highest possible standards.

A comment that describes Pungra perfectly

“Yes, I totally agree I think that most fitness dance classes are in fact performances that you spend your money on to join and the teachers go way too fast and they don’t really slow down for you, and they make you feel embarrassed that you’re not as skinny as the teacher, also I really actually don’t get all that much exercise from other dance classes for some reason.

But your workouts are really super awesome in fact I just finished one a few minutes ago!!!! I have been a really big fan of your workouts for I think about six months or so, but unfortunately I can’t subscribe to your YouTube channel because I don’t use my email for YouTube which means that I can’t subscribe to channels.

Anyway, I was so extremely thrilled when I first discovered your wonderful workouts, not only could I actually do Bhangra (I live in an area where there aren’t any Bhangra classes) but that I could actually do a workout where I didn’t have to feel self-conscious and insecure and just have fun!!!!!

Also I actually get way more exercise from your workouts than most fitness dance classes I go to and I have really lost a lot of weight from doing your workouts, I know this is a really long comment, but I just want to applaud you for being in my opinion, the best fitness dance instructor I’ve ever come across!!!!!

I really wish I lived in the UK so I can join your classes, but sadly I live in the States, but I still get the full experience and enjoyment from your YouTube workouts. Thank you so much, you are so awesome!!!! 😄😄😄”

Is it bhangra or Pungra?

It’s our guess that you’ve seen the word bhangra and naturally it looks like it’s pronounced like bang-rah. Frustratingly for us, this is incorrect. In the same way that London is pronounced Lundun, jalapeno is pronounced halapeno and Xiaomi is pronounced shoiwme, bhangra is pronounced pungra.
Listen to it here on Wikipedia

Which music do we use?

Most of the music is available on YouTube and YouTube Music. We use very new and high quality Punjabi music.

To find the playlist on YouTube

  1. Access YouTube on your device, including TV, computer, mobile, etc.
  2. Search Pungra
  3. Select Playlists
  4. Play and enjoy

How do I join in with a class?

Overwhelmingly most people join our classes in their own living room, you can too. Load up YouTube on your TV at a time convenient for you and follow along.

We also have a class in Southall every Sunday at 11AM to 12PM. This is over-subscribed and joined on a 3 month block basis. To receive an invitation to join the next term, please send an email to with the subject “invite me to the next Southall term”.

Will you be holding more classes?

We are developing courses in conjunction with awarding bodies in the physical activity, sports and fitness industry. This means very soon people, around the world, will be able to become certified to lead classes to the same standards that we uphold.

Who are the Pungra team?

We are a group of volunteers led by Ravi Sandhu.

Ravi’s profession is as a Learning Experience specialist focusing on state of the art technology. His success is measured by his ability to help large numbers of people learn and adopt new technology.

This transpires into his work with Pungra. As a hobby, he has been involved in leading exercise to Punjabi music since around the year 2000.

In the year 2007 he began pondering the idea of a concerted effort to encourage more people to exercise to Punjabi music.

His goal is to challenge group exercise instructors around the world to incorporate Punjabi music to the highest standards expected into the physical activity, sports and fitness industry.

Ravi wants to grow the team of Pungra leaders, meaning people who leader on projects as volunteers, like him. If the idea of this interests you, please contact him through Twitter, Skype or Email.


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